pet breeding services in wooster, oh

Pet Breeding Services in Wooster, OH

If you’re a licensed dog breeder or have a pet that might be pregnant, we can provide services to keep them healthy and ensure the health of their litter when it arrives. Caring for a pet before, during, and after their pregnancy is easier with the help of our experienced veterinarians here in Wooster, OH, who are more than happy to answer your questions and ease any concerns you have.

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Some of Our Pet Breeding Services

Some of our services to support the health of your pet and their puppies/kittens during this time include:

  • Pre-breeding exams (for licensed breeders)
  • Pregnancy monitoring
  • Litter health assessments
  • Tail docking (puppies)
  • Dewclaw removal (puppies)

Our veterinary team is here to help you at every stage--prior to breeding, during pregnancy, at whelping, and whenever else you need us.

Stay in Touch with Us During Your Pet’s Pregnancy

In case of any uncertainties or hiccups in the process of your dog or cat’s pregnancy, be sure to keep in contact with our hospital. If you’re an established animal breeder, you know how challenging and time-consuming the process can be. If you’re a pet owner with a surprise pregnancy or litter on your hands, we’re here for you, too!

For dogs and cats that have gotten pregnant by accident, we recommend that they be spayed after they’ve had their litter. For more information about spaying and how it benefits dogs and cats, go here. Let us know if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a spay surgery for your pet!

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