Boarding Services with Ark Veterinary Hospital

The benefits of boarding with The Ark Veterinary Hospital is that we have a staff of veterinarians and veterinary technicians observing and treating your pet should a problem arise. We are a team of pet lovers dedicated to the tender care of your pet during his/her stay. The team you can trust for peace of mind and friendly service.

Day Boarding with Ark Veterinary Hospital

We know you’re busy. So if you’re running errands or headed to work, drop your pet off with us. Your pet can stay with us throughout the day while we run diagnostics, perform examinations, and administer treatment. Both pets that need medical attention and ones that need preventative care are welcome to stay at Ark Veterinary Hospital.

Regular boarding includes the following services:

  • Clean comfortable accommodations
  • Three individualized walks per day
  • Fresh clean bedding for their comfort
  • Premium pet food for intestinal health

Special activities during the week:

  • Movie Monday
  • Treat Tuesday
  • Frisbee Friday (weather permitting)
  • Social Saturday

Additional Pet Boarding and Day Boarding Accommodations

Play Time
A 10 minute one-on-one play session with a member of our staff.
Frosty Paws
A Frozen Paws Ice cream treat that your dog will love.
Nail Trim
Nail trim by one of our trained professionals.
Vacation Photo
We will email you a picture of your pet enjoying their stay at the Ark.
Krazy Kong Toy
Keep your dog busy indoors with a peanut butter stuffed Kong.
Teeth Cleaning
Teeth brushing by one of our trained professionals.
Cozy Comfort Cot
A raised cot that provides additional comfort during your pet’s stay.
Buddy Time
Your dog will enjoy 15 min. of supervised playtime with a compatible companion.
Full Spa Treatment
Includes a Hydrotherapy bath, nail trim and ear cleaning by one of our trained professionals.