radiology (2)What makes us different? We have invested in the latest digital radiography system which allows us to x-ray your pet with lower radiation levels, adjust the images to aid in visualizing a troubled area, and if necessary can send the digital image via the internet to a board certified Radiologist or specialist anywhere in the country and often have their consultation results back in only a few hours as opposed to days with the old x-ray film method.

We are one of only a few veterinary hospitals in the region that offer ultrasound for your pet to aid in imaging internal organs for a quicker diagnosis and treatment. Other area veterinary hospitals often refer their patients to our doctors that are in need of ultrasonography.

When an echocardiocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) is indicated, in cases of heart failure, irregular heart rhythm, or heart murmur, Ark has a board certified cardiologist come to the hospital to perform one. Having this convenient service saves you the hassle of a long distance trip.