dvm (81)We perform a vast array of surgeries at Ark Veterinary Hospital, from spays and neuters, bladder cystotomies, fractured fixation, tumor removals, and Dr. Redman has years of experience in performing ACL repairs of the canine knee.
What makes our veterinary surgical services different?

  • The equipment and education we have invested in to be certain your pet is safe and the outcome is a successful one.
  • Your pet will have a pre-anesthetic blood screen performed to be certain internal organs are functioning adequately before surgery.
  • There are a number of anesthetics to choose from and we will tailor an anesthetic protocol that fits your pet’s age and unique needs.
  • Your pet will be monitored during surgery with a pulse oximetry machine and ECG and should a problem arise we can spot it on the equipment before it truly becomes a problem for the pet. Our patients are monitored by a veterinary technician from start to finish and they recover in a warmed blanket.
  • We feel strongly that pain medications be used before, during, and after the procedure. Not all veterinary hospitals offer this to their patients.
  • Give us a call at 330-262-3465 and we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your pets surgery.