cat and dog vaccinations in wooster, oh

Protecting Lives with Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Wooster, OH

Your pet’s life is precious, as is their health! At Ark Veterinary Hospital in Wooster, OH, we recommend vaccinating dogs and cats to give them ample protection against a handful of serious diseases. Rabies, distemper, and feline leukemia are just a sample of the illnesses your pet might encounter during their lifetime. Our goal is to drastically reduce the threat posed by these diseases by providing high-quality cat and dog vaccinations for pets of all ages and lifestyles.

Protecting your pet with vaccines is easy, effective, and safe.

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Why Cat and Dog Vaccinations are Necessary

All puppies and kittens get antibodies from their mothers while nursing. Unfortunately, these antibodies, which offer some protection against illness, will diminish after the animal is weaned. In order to build up their antibodies and increase their immunity, your pet will need to start receiving their vaccinations as soon as possible.

Some animal diseases, like rabies and distemper, are life-threatening. Vaccines are your pet’s best defense against these and other, less deadly diseases, such as leptospirosis and kennel cough. Vaccinating your dog or cat can save them from the stresses of illness and having to undergo treatment for that illness. Finally, being vaccinated regularly (based on what your veterinarian recommends) will help your pet maintain strong, stable immunity throughout their life.

What are the Risks Associated with Vaccines?

Occasionally, vaccines might cause minor side effects, such as drowsiness or soreness at the injection site. This is normal and will resolve within 24-48 hours. Allergic reactions are more rare, but do need to be taken seriously if they occur. To lower the risk of an allergic reaction, we space out your pet’s vaccination appointments and recommend giving them only the vaccines they really need to stay healthy. Not all cat and dog vaccines are necessary for every pet.

Core and Lifestyle-Based Vaccines We Offer for Dogs and Cats

Core vaccines are required for all dogs and cats, while non-core, or lifestyle-based, are given based on risk level and exposure.

Our core cat and dog vaccines include:

  • Rabies (dogs and cats)
  • Distemper (dogs only)
  • Parvo (dogs only)
  • FVRCP (cats only)

Information pending.

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