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Veterinarian in Massillon, OH

At Ark Veterinary Hospital, our staff is very passionate about providing your pets with the absolute best care they deserve in the Massillon pet community. Our veterinarians have decades of experience in animal medicine and our devoted to understanding your pet's unique needs. We look forward to welcoming you and your pet into our family at Ark Veterinary Hospital.

Call (330) 262-3465 to book a visit with our veterinarians .

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Owning a Pet in Massillon OH

One of the best attributes of owning a dog in Massillon is access to all the wonderful dog parks in the area. Some of the best dog parks in Massillon include Wampler Park, Reservoir Park, Massillon Community Park and more. After the park you can enjoy a meal at some of the best dog friendly restaurants in the area including Twistee Treat, Swensons Drive-IN, 35 Brix and Wing Warehouse. If you are still looking for your first pet in Massillon area, our staff highly recommends adoption. We encourage you to look at local animal shelters including Wayne County Dog Shelter, Paw Crazy Rescue, Wayne Country Humane Society and Humane Society of Stark County. If you have any questions about dog activities in Northeast Ohio or dog adoption please feel free to call our staff today.

To learn more about our veterinary services near Massillon please give us a call today (330) 262-3465!