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Pet euthanasia in Wooster, OH

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We’ll be there until the very end of your pet’s life, whether it’s due to age or sickness.

Say goodbye to your pet with compassion.

We understand how tough it may be for you to make this decision. We’re here to help. Most pet owners struggle with this choice, and it’s not one you’ll have to make on your own. We’ll be there for you as long as you need us to go through the choices and discuss things. Euthanasia is a pleasant and almost pain-free procedure, but it’s important to know what lies ahead and how your pet’s body will react. Knowing these things might assist you in deciding to put your pet down and make the process less distressing for you.

When is it time to say goodbye to a pet?

Assess your pet's quality of life

Every pet, like humans, will respond to changes in their bodies differently. Your pet’s reaction is also strongly influenced by the disease state, making detailed talks with your regular veterinarian an essential part of the process. To accurately assess your pet’s quality of life, you must first grasp the disease process they’re going through.

It might be difficult to evaluate the quality of life for your pet, but there are some tools from the Argus Institute that may help. Answer these questions about your pet with your family:

  • Do they eat and drink normally?
  • Are they interested in the activities around them?
  • Can they relieve themself on their own?
  • Are they withdrawn most of the time?
  • Can they move around on their own?
Am I waiting too long to make the decision?

Owners who are experiencing their pet’s decline or death from a fatal illness for the first time will frequently put it off until the very end to make the problematic euthanasia choice. They don’t want to euthanize their pet too quickly. The majority of these owners feel terrible about waiting too long. They look back on old days, weeks, or months and regret missing out on numerous veterinary visits and unpleasant medical treatments that didn’t improve their pet’s quality of life. The next time they notice their pet’s decline, they are more inclined to decide the start rather than after the decline.

What should I expect during the euthanasia procedure?

Our veterinarians pay meticulous attention to making euthanasia a stress-free and painless experience for every dog and cat. We want their last moments to be as calm as possible. This is just as essential for them as it is for you. We will also respect your need for privacy and allow you time with your cherished pet in accordance with your wishes.

There are two stages during pet euthanasia. We give the option for your pet to receive a sedative injection in the first stage to put them into a deep, peaceful slumber. After a brief wait, we’ll administer the euthanasia medication.

What aftercare options are available at Ark Veterinary Hospital?

We offer a variety of options for the aftercare of your pet. You may choose to take their remains, have a private cremation where you would have ashes returned in an engraved box, or have a common cremation done where no ashes would be returned. You may also choose to have a clay paw print or other memento made to commemorate your animal. We can talk about how we will care for your pet after being euthanized before the appointment. You won’t have to worry about making aftercare decisions while under tremendous stress.