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Pet vaccinations in Wooster, OH

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Starting your pet on the proper routine from the time they are young can be one of the most important factors in their long-term health.

Prevention is better than treatment

Numerous illnesses can affect cats and dogs, but most pets will avoid the worst of them when they’re vaccinated appropriately. Parvovirus, distemper, and infectious hepatitis are examples of these in dogs. In cats, Panleukopaenia, feline herpesvirus, and feline calicivirus are examples of these; protection against feline leukemia virus is available for outdoor cats.

Vaccine FAQs

What are pet vaccines?

Vaccines are unique proteins that prepare the body’s immune system to combat specific infections. They function in two ways: to decrease the impact of illnesses or entirely prevent disease. Unfortunately, we can’t defend against every condition. However, vaccines are used in our practices.

When should my pet be vaccinated?

At 6-8 weeks of age, most puppies and kittens are given their first immunization. To guarantee the comprehensive protection of your little dog or cat, additional vaccinations are required.

Kittens are urged to be kept indoors and receive their second vaccination around 12 weeks. The timing of subsequent puppy immunizations is determined by the type of vaccine given, when your puppy was vaccinated, where they will be going on adventures, and your requirements. We recommend that you talk to your veterinarian about this.

All puppies and kittens must have their final vaccination at 16 weeks old or older. They then require annual boosters to maintain immunity.

What are the side effects of pet vaccines?

The vaccine’s side effects are incredibly uncommon in either case, whether it’s a single vaccination or a series of vaccinations. If you have any worries regarding this, please discuss them with your veterinarian, who can tell you about the dangers associated with various vaccines.

Lethargy (in the first 24 hours after receiving their vaccination) is one of the most common side effects, followed by vomiting and diarrhea. These, on the other hand, are quite uncommon.

What are the core vaccines that are offered?

Our core cat and dog vaccines include:

  • Rabies (dogs and cats)
  • Distemper (dogs only)
  • Parvo (dogs only)
  • FVRCP (cats only)

Based on your pet’s lifestyle, we also offer vaccinations for:

  • Lepto (dogs only)
  • Bordetella/Kennel cough (dogs only)
  • Lyme (dogs only)
  • Influenza (dogs only)
  • Feline leukemia (cats only)