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Pet spay and neuter procedures in Wooster, OH

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Spay and neuter surgeries are an essential part of keeping pets healthy.

Spaying and neutering pets has more than just health benefits.

Surgery may be a complex topic for pet owners, however spaying and neutering procedures are an essential component of maintaining animals health. Spaying and neutering operations are among the most frequent surgical procedures in veterinary medicine. They not only prevent unwanted litters, but they also prevent a variety of health and behavioral problems.

What to know about spay and neuter procedures:

Health benefits of spaying and neutering your pet

Spaying or neutering both males and females is a good idea in the long run. The following are some of the health and behavioral issues addressed by this procedure:

  • It eliminates the heat cycle and spotting in female animals.
  • In females, it lowers the risk of mammary tumors.
  • It also lowers the risk of uterine infections and cancers in female pets.
  • It discourages male and female dogs from roaming.
  • In males, it helps to reduce aggressiveness.
  • In males, it eliminates or minimizes mounting and marking/spray activities.
  • It is an effective means of preventing testicular tumors in males.
  • Prostate disorders in males are reduced.
Spaying and neutering is good for the community

Spaying and neutering pets and cats have a significant impact on their long-term health, but it also has a positive influence on the animal community. Unplanned birthing and serious medical problems are two of the most important reasons to spay or neuter your pet.

When dogs or cats breed, the stray population can skyrocket, resulting in overcrowded shelters and millions of dogs and cats being faced with the potential for euthanasia. Our objective at Ark Veterinary Hospital in Wooster, OH, is to improve your pet’s health and that of many other animals in the community as much as feasible.

What to expect during a spay and neuter procedure

While your pet is under general anesthesia, they will be given IV fluids for hydration and blood pressure support if needed. They will also be kept warm with Hot Dog Blankets and warm water circulating blankets. Their vital signs will be monitored throughout the procedure. They can be placed in your care once they emerge from surgery without complications or issues.