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Pet boarding and daycare in Wooster, OH

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We work hard to make your pet feel as comfortable here as they are when they’re at home.

Why board your pet with Ark Veterinary Hospital?

We at Ark Veterinary Hospital promise to care for every pet as if it were our own, and we adhere to this through action. Our staff members like caring for our boarding clients and providing love, attention, and food (at your request) to make their stay more pleasurable.

The benefits of pet boarding at Ark Veterinary Hospital.

Having your pet treated at our hospital in Wooster, OH, has several benefits, including visiting with skilled, caring veterinarians and technicians who can oversee your pet and provide medical therapy if required. Whether you’re going close or far, you can trust that your dog or cat is being cared for in the best possible way. In addition to standard overnight boarding, we provide daycare so you may enjoy your vacation more.

What can I expect when boarding my pet at Ark Veterinary Hospital?

We provide the following amenities to our boarding guests at Ark Veterinary Hospital:

  • Our kennels are clean, comfortable, and large
  • Soft bedding, which is changed out daily
  • Dogs receive three individualized walks each day
  • We provide high-quality, bland pet food that promotes gastrointestinal health. If your pet is on a prescription diet for their health, we recommend bringing their food from home, especially if they will be boarding at our facility
How should I prepare my pet for boarding?

Has your dog or cat been in for their annual exam, vaccinations, and blood and feces testing? If not, make an appointment at least a week before your pet’s boarding date. Let us know when your dog or cat will be staying so we can suggest the most appropriate therapies.

The health and safety of our other boarding guests depend on your pet’s well-being, which is why it’s so important to keep them happy and healthy. Please bring a copy of your pet’s medical records from another veterinary hospital so that we may ensure that they have all they require.

Drop off is between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM.

What is the difference between boarding and day boarding?

If you’re really busy with work, errands, or some other business that keeps you away from the house for most of the day, consider leaving your pet in our care for a while. Day boarding is particularly useful for pet owners who need to bring their pet in for an appointment but don’t have time to stay throughout the whole procedure themselves. You are welcome to deposit your pet with us and leave their care in our hands if you must manage other responsibilities.

Our day boarding service for dogs and cats is open to all dog and cat breeds. Even if your pet does not require medical or preventative care, they may still participate in our day boarding service. Just call us before dropping off your pet so we can prepare for them.

What are the vaccine requirements for my pet?

Ensure your pet is up to date on the following required vaccines, Rabies; Distemper; Adenovirus; Parvo; Parainfluenza; Leptospirosis (DAPPL); Bordetella; and have a stool sample that is negative for parasites.