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What to know about pet insurance

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Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance in many ways. We’ll help break it down for you below.

What to know about pet insurance.

In many ways, pet insurance is comparable to human health insurance. These parallels include premiums, deductibles, co-payments, maximum payments, pre-existing conditions, and waiting periods defined when the coverage begins. Pet insurance differs from human health insurance in the following ways: you reimburse your veterinarian after payment of the bill; you submit a claim with the pet insurer for reimbursement. Furthermore, pet insurers do not utilize networks. This implies that you may visit any certified physician regardless of the insurance provider.

We recommend Trupanion Insurance.

Although deciding whether or not to get pet health insurance may be difficult, no one can know the future. There’s always a concern that the insurance won’t be necessary at some point in the future. Insurance may provide much-needed peace of mind for some pet owners, while it might become an annoyance for others. The choice is ultimately yours, but we’d be pleased to answer any questions you have and direct you toward additional information if that’s what you want to learn more about. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 330-262-3465!

Why do you recommend Trupanion Pet Insurance?

We at Ark Veterinary Hospital provide Trupanion pet insurance to our patients, but you are welcome to look into another provider if that is what you would like. Trupanion includes cat and dog coverage and has various plans to fit different demands.

We highly suggest reading the Trupanion website to discover everything there is to know about their coverage, plans, and how much you may save.

Click here to visit their website.