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Providing Cat and Dog Wellness Exams in Wooster, OH

While our beloved dogs and cats may not live as many years as we want them to, they still live much longer than ever before, thanks to veterinary medicine. One of the most important factors in your pet’s care is the physical exam, which sets the stage for a more tailored treatment plan that includes lab work, vaccinations, and parasite control. Pets that are otherwise healthy benefit from annual wellness exams here in Wooster because they help us build a complete medical history for your pet. With this valuable information, we can establish a baseline of health and recognize potentially harmful changes if they occur.

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What is Included in a Typical Wellness Exam for Dogs and Cats?

Wellness exams generally involve a variety of important services necessary for keeping pets healthy

The physical exam is the first thing we need to do to assess your pet’s condition. We examine them from head to tail and check their weight, temperature, pulse, and breathing. If we notice anything abnormal, we will bring it to your attention and suggest ways to address it.

Having your pet’s blood and stool checked once a year is especially important for evaluating their health. Lab work usually reveals things that cannot be seen during the physical exam, like intestinal parasites or a kidney infection.

Dogs and cats require vaccinations throughout their life to stay protected from various life-threatening diseases, including rabies. Your veterinarian will help you establish a vaccine schedule to maintain your pet’s immunity year after year.

Many puppies and kittens are born with worms, which need to be treated as quickly as possible. Adult dogs and cats can also be infected with worms if they are not taking parasite preventatives.

There is no better time to ask questions than during your pet’s annual wellness visit. Your veterinarian will be happy to give you the answers you need and offer recommendations regarding food, training, exercise, and much more.

Invest in Year-Round Parasite Protection for Your Pet

Dogs and cats make very enticing hosts for fleas, ticks, and a variety of worms, including heartworms. While these pests are mostly active during the spring, summer, and fall, they can still be a danger on mild winter days, too. For maximum protection against parasites and the diseases they can transmit, your dog or cat should take parasite preventatives throughout the entire year, with no gaps in treatment. Just one missed dose can increase your pet’s risk of infection.

Improving Quality of Life for Senior Dogs and Cats

Senior dogs and cats experience all kinds of conditions that come with old age, including vision loss, hearing loss, arthritis, and incontinence. To give them the best quality of life, we like to see our senior patients more frequently for checkups. Because many seniors are on medication for various ailments, such as arthritis pain and diabetes, we need to make sure their condition is stable and that they remain comfortable in their daily life. Also, medications can cause side effects, so we need to make sure these are kept to a minimum.

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